Starter Kit

with high grade 2-feed sewing

If you are starting in textiles and you may feel, that conveyor solutions either ECO or ATAS do not give you now the return of investment because you are starting with lower volumes – we have got new solutions:

ECO highly performed
You get a designed workplace with a sewing tool on swivel bracket. You choose:
- Sewing of keder with unwinding device under the table entering from below in front of the needle.
Result neat and flat.
- Or narrow flag double hem 10 or 12 mm
- Any type of tape binding
- Or an adjustable hemming tool 2-12 cm
- Or round keder.
- Or velcro sewing.
- mobile stand
- big table 105x60 cm or enlarged 120x60 cm
The sewing workplace can also be used for other jobs without long changing time: simply change the sewing tools.
The machine will be delivered with 2-feed transport in series as well as 1 or 2 needles versions.

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