6.1767.DPS 1-needle machine fully equipped, threadtrimming, aut. revers, aut. presser-footlifting, 5 keyboards, table 106 x 60 cm, stand on rolls, german servomotor strong and energysaving, and „Flatkeder“ unwinder under table and guidance from below.

6.827... 1-needle machine fully equipped, thread-trimming, aut. backtacking, aut. presser-foot lifting, 5 keyboards, table 106 x 60 cm, German servo motor, strong and energy saving

6.274DPS.0 1-Needle - doublelockstitchmachine, bottomfeed, needlefeed, wheel topfeed, intermittent and additional aut. thread-trimmer, servo, aut. needle positioning-backtacking. 230-250 V AC, 16A, air supply required

6.9110 FAX 1-Needle - doublelockstitch machine, bottom + needlefeed, aut. threadtrimmer, servo, needle positioning, backtacking. With big bobbins, EFKA

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