Lasercut LR50

● clean and closed edges
● high speed cutting
● diagonal 1 mm high end precision
● extremely low after sale costs
● widths in 2m, 3,5m or 5m available
● any length on a fixed table or conveyor like 3,5 x 8m or 5 x 5m with xxl software to cut 20m or more.
● also available with blade cutter or drilling tools.

Lasercut LR50 CAD-CAM

Cutting with conveyor and laser - LR 50
Cutting on a fixed table with laser and motorised round blade - LR-BF
Cutting with conveyor and motordriven blade - R 50

● max. cutting width up to 5m
● max. cutting length 20m and more
● height of the cutting base 100cm
● aut. unwinding and feeding system available
● special unwinding system for stretch materials also available, as well as basic unwinders. Choose out of 7 systems.
● Blade cutting additional available on fixed table machines.
● Software for cutting optimisation
● Storage for all parameters for each material like speed, power, focus, vacuum, cooling.
● Nesting software, Microsoft licence
● Autocad 2D basic and DFX datatransfer
● Connection to your server possible, CAD, parametric pictures to create easily yourself cutting designs.
● 0 – point start

Further we may supply:
● The videosystem ‘Extractor’ allows to cut by camera
● or centering system or projection of the cutting line
● or barcode
● assistance via internet

You may also place manually pieces on the machine to cut or you may choose out of 7 unwinding and feeding systems according to your demands.

Just ask us, we have done already many proofed solutions.

If you are looking for a solution in heavy machines, we do it for more than 15 years – proofed as stable and performed.

We also offer smaller systems of 2 m.

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