Sewing Car – With patented construction

Synchronised movement of sewing and feed rate – solution for extremly long seams, also 150 feet or more.

The operator controls the machine like a car, that drives forward automatically. This way the sewing speed can be faster or slower, resp. sewing without a feed rate is possible (for short pieces).
Reverse running can be made at a fast rate.
The system can be equipped with nearly every sewing head – 1 needle or 2 needle or with an asynchronous 2 needle sewing head, that can be used with 1 or 2 needles – all in one system.

Feeding of flat piping welt from above or underneath.
By using this sewing robot you don’t need further employees, that pull long fabric pieces through the machine. >>> (Saving of time and money)
Please make an appointment with us at our production plant, or with a consultant at your house – we configure your specific solution.

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